Sunday, August 3, 2014

Never Alone

Good morning, everyone! It's possible many people don't even check here anymore because my posts have been so infrequent in the last couple years. But while I'm on break, I want to try hard to share a few things.

The last year has brought many changes, some good, some bad but changes nonetheless. In the midst of these changes I find myself sometimes feeling lost and alone. I've struggled to figure out where it is I fit, and I don't always know. Of course I always have a place with my family, but I also believe it's important to fit in places outside my family too.

One of my battles I struggle with on a regular basis is feeling alone, like I'll always be alone and worried nobody else understands me or where I'm coming from. I know that's not true and once the moment passes, I can see that clearly. It's mostly in the moment I have a hard time seeing past it.

Yesterday I was, once again, caught in a place where I felt completely alone. I needed something to help me know that I wasn't. So, I prayed with all of my heart for my Father in Heaven to help me know I wasn't alone. The answer came in a way I didn't expect, not as a phone call or text but in the words of a talk given in LDS General Conference in April 2009. The talk is called "None Were With Him" and was given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

When words kept coming to my mind, I realized that was the answer to my prayer, so I looked it up and watched the talk . And it gave peace to my troubled heart. I realized that even in dark moments in my life, I am never alone because of my Savior, Jesus Christ and his ultimate sacrifice. He truly experienced what it was like to be completely alone, especially when his Father withdrew during the Crucifixion, so He would know what how we'd feel and how to succor us in those situations. And that's exactly what I needed to hear yesterday.

I've included a link to the talk, so you can listen to it as well, if interested. Here it is:

Happy Sunday, everyone! I wish you blessings and joy on a beautiful Sabbath morning. I also wish the comfort of a loving Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ no matter what struggles you may be facing. May you always know you are never alone.