Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy 2013!!

Hello to anyone who actually still checks my blog! I’ve had a bit of an unplanned hiatus, and I apologize for that. It’s been a very busy last month. However, I am happy to write my official post welcoming 2013!

I rang in this year quietly with just my parents and me playing games and having a nice evening together. And I’ve pretty much been incredibly busy since I got back. So, what’s been keeping me so busy? Studying!

My big goals for 2013 are 1) to take the GMAT and pass with an acceptable score and 2) get into grad school! There’s a few other small ones of course like continuing with my physical activity and the like, but grad school is the big goal in front of my face right now.

I signed up for an online GMAT prep course at the end of November. I thought I could get some quality studying time in December before Christmas. While I got a few lessons in, I didn’t have time to get as much studying as I might have liked. And my lovely long Christmas break was filled with other activities that didn’t involve studying for the GMAT. Alas, if I want to pass with a score acceptable enough to get me into the school of my choice, I knew this had to change.

So it did.

Since I’ve now gotten myself back into the work groove, with the commute each way, I now spend my evenings studying, going to the gym, eating a little something and then studying some more. Followed by a reasonable bed time so I can remember what I learn. And when I can, I sneak in social activities and trips to the temple. And then my focus is back on studying again.

Does it sound like an intense schedule? Well, I must admit that it is, but I’m making it. I officially registered for the test this week, and in doing so, I upped my test date by about 10 days. Yikes! But it’s now early enough that just in case I don’t do as well as I’d like, I can take it again in time to apply for the April 1 deadline.

Wish me luck (and the ability to remember all that math from junior high and high school) as I work toward this ambitious goal! I feel great about my choice even though it’s a lot of work, however, so I’m going to persist.

Happy 2013 everyone!