Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do you believe it or not?

Wow! Sorry about the hiatus I’ve taken during the month of January. It’s gone by fast, and I must confess my days have been very busy, so busy that I’ve pretty much avoided any January blues. Yay!

A few years ago I was listening to a talk given by Sheri Dew. She was sharing a story about how her brother passed away unexpectedly at a young age. Of course these things are always tragic for those left behind, but the question she found herself asking was, “Well, Sheri, do you believe it or not?”

She was referring to the Plan of Happiness and all it entailed about life after death, etc. The thought has stuck with me in the years since then. It’s not only because I’ve had my own experience of losing someone I loved at a tragically young age but because the principle applies to so many other things in life.

I’ve specifically been thinking of blessings that I’ve been promised that haven’t come to pass yet. In those dark moments of doubt when I feel like throwing my hands into the air out of sheer frustration, I find myself asking, “Well, Tammy, do you believe it or not?”

Inevitably this causes me to take a step back and think carefully about the situation. In the end, it boils down to having faith in what Heavenly Father has promised me. Am I truly going to let myself doubt that?

Nope. Not a chance.

He will never break His end of a promise to me, as long as I’m fulfilling my end of it too. That means I have to do everything in my power to bring it to pass, knowing that it’ll happen when the time is right. It is a matter of faith. It is a matter of trusting in something I cannot see and which is out of my control. I personally don’t want to be caught in the trap of doubting when I should be trusting. I know it’s easier said than done, but in reality that’s what it comes down to.

Having this perspective has brought me a lot of peace in the last few months and has helped me find a strength I didn’t know I possessed. So, I will persist in doing everything I can and moving forward with faith, knowing that God will never go back on His promises.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beware Chucky!

Once upon a time Miss Sassypants came to my parents’ house to stay overnight. In the room where she was supposed to stay she discovered something she didn’t like. She moved the “creepy doll” as she called him to the other side of the room.

And thus began a joke she couldn’t have anticipated.

As a side note, this doll doesn’t actually belong at my parents’ house; he was supposed to go home some time ago, but never did, so really his true owner brought the joke on herself. And there’s a very simple way to fix it.

When I came home last year, it started becoming a joke between my dad and me to hide the doll in random places for the other to find. It started small and has grown since then. Oh, and the doll gained a name too, Chucky.

When I went home for Christmas this time, the Chucky hiding reached to a new level. It all started when I came into my room on Christmas Day and found Chucky and the brand new doll my mom bought for the kids, Big Baby, in my bed. I wish I would’ve taken a picture, but I forgot.

It continued throughout the week. On Monday, Chucky took a nap with my dad.


On Tuesday, he was waiting in the van when my dad left to go work in the temple at 4:30 a.m . . . that one was probably my favorite. Then when I got back from Zumba on Thursday night, I discovered Chucky had tried to stow away in my gym bag!

Then he did the unforgivable!


He stole my poor frog! And the whole night I just thought he had fallen off the bed somewhere. Silly me!

Chucky decided to try out Dad’s breathing machine and to wear his pajama bottoms.


Unfortunately this poor creepy doll has now lost one of his hands. So, we decided to help him get a replacement one.


One of the funniest parts of this whole story? A very sweet someone took a liking to the doll and started hauling him around with her new friend, Big Baby. The way she says his name is just darling too, “Chu-chee.” It made me almost be okay with holding him while we played games.


Aren’t dads great? I sure think so.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Something that makes me feel hopeful

We have all heard plenty about the obesity epidemic in the United States. All you have to do is look around in a public place to see why it’s a valid concern. It’s everywhere.

However, I saw something the other day that made me feel more hopeful on this front . . . and made me determined to teach my future children when such day comes that I have them.

I was at the gym working out the other night. This is something I value and am trying hard to make a priority because I know how important it is.

Anyway, I watched as three different families came into the gym. Two men were definitely brothers and looked similar enough they could’ve even been twins. I loved seeing the dads go over to the treadmills to take a run, while their boys (who looked to be teenagers) went over and started playing basketball.

Another mom and dad were diligently walking around the walking track and when they finished, I saw all three of their kids come over, having been exercising while their parents walked. And then they left together.

It made me so happy to see these parents not only exercising themselves but also teaching it to their children. I hope they realize at some point how invaluable this is to them. It’s amazing how the things we learn as children stay with us when we become adults.

I’m not being idealistic; I know that a few families exercising at the gym won’t fix the obesity problem. But for every one person who understands living an active life, it’s one less person who will struggle with this problem . . . and can hopefully pass it on.

Isn’t that something to feel happy about? I sure think so.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012: Here’s to a great year!

With the turn of the clock last night we bid farewell to 2011 and rang in 2012.

Honestly, it’s really just another day, but at the same time it’s not. A new year is a chance to set new goals, to make positive changes and to work on becoming. I know that’s something we all should be doing anyway and yet somehow don’t.

I am one of those who likes to try hard to make positive changes when a new year comes along. Sometimes I’m successful at accomplishing them and sometimes I’m not. In 2010 I did very well, but in 2011 . . . not so much. I know what I need to do, but I just need a little push to help me actually do it. I consider this to be my chance.

Instead of making a list of goals for this year, I’m going to try something new. It’s more of an overall approach to life that I’d like to put into effect.

This morning I was working on some projects for my mom and ended up watching the Mormon Times program on KSL. They quoted a scripture in 1 Peter that talked about loving life and seeking good days. Then they talked to author Emily Freeman who recently released a book by the same title. I’m very interested in reading her book now, and I think it might help me live my goal. The main point of the segment, which really struck me, is about living with hope and changing your perspective to be able to live with joy. Here’s the link, if you’d like to watch it. It’s Segment 1.

This is something that I’ve been trying to already, but what I decided as I listened to this segment is that I need to try harder. I’m going to work to live with hope for those blessings I still want and don’t yet have, to find happiness and joy in daily living.

I don’t expect that applying this approach will mean that I won’t have bad days or won’t still find myself complaining more often than I’d like, but I’m sure going to try. The main point is to live with hope.

Wish me luck as I take flight on making this the best year of my life. Yes, I know it’s cheesy, but I really believe I can do it.

Isn’t is amazing what just a change on a calendar can do?