Sunday, January 8, 2012

Something that makes me feel hopeful

We have all heard plenty about the obesity epidemic in the United States. All you have to do is look around in a public place to see why it’s a valid concern. It’s everywhere.

However, I saw something the other day that made me feel more hopeful on this front . . . and made me determined to teach my future children when such day comes that I have them.

I was at the gym working out the other night. This is something I value and am trying hard to make a priority because I know how important it is.

Anyway, I watched as three different families came into the gym. Two men were definitely brothers and looked similar enough they could’ve even been twins. I loved seeing the dads go over to the treadmills to take a run, while their boys (who looked to be teenagers) went over and started playing basketball.

Another mom and dad were diligently walking around the walking track and when they finished, I saw all three of their kids come over, having been exercising while their parents walked. And then they left together.

It made me so happy to see these parents not only exercising themselves but also teaching it to their children. I hope they realize at some point how invaluable this is to them. It’s amazing how the things we learn as children stay with us when we become adults.

I’m not being idealistic; I know that a few families exercising at the gym won’t fix the obesity problem. But for every one person who understands living an active life, it’s one less person who will struggle with this problem . . . and can hopefully pass it on.

Isn’t that something to feel happy about? I sure think so.

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Jeremy and Sarah said...

I agree 100%. Same thing at my gym here in NOR CA. Its good to see families making efforts.