Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beware Chucky!

Once upon a time Miss Sassypants came to my parents’ house to stay overnight. In the room where she was supposed to stay she discovered something she didn’t like. She moved the “creepy doll” as she called him to the other side of the room.

And thus began a joke she couldn’t have anticipated.

As a side note, this doll doesn’t actually belong at my parents’ house; he was supposed to go home some time ago, but never did, so really his true owner brought the joke on herself. And there’s a very simple way to fix it.

When I came home last year, it started becoming a joke between my dad and me to hide the doll in random places for the other to find. It started small and has grown since then. Oh, and the doll gained a name too, Chucky.

When I went home for Christmas this time, the Chucky hiding reached to a new level. It all started when I came into my room on Christmas Day and found Chucky and the brand new doll my mom bought for the kids, Big Baby, in my bed. I wish I would’ve taken a picture, but I forgot.

It continued throughout the week. On Monday, Chucky took a nap with my dad.


On Tuesday, he was waiting in the van when my dad left to go work in the temple at 4:30 a.m . . . that one was probably my favorite. Then when I got back from Zumba on Thursday night, I discovered Chucky had tried to stow away in my gym bag!

Then he did the unforgivable!


He stole my poor frog! And the whole night I just thought he had fallen off the bed somewhere. Silly me!

Chucky decided to try out Dad’s breathing machine and to wear his pajama bottoms.


Unfortunately this poor creepy doll has now lost one of his hands. So, we decided to help him get a replacement one.


One of the funniest parts of this whole story? A very sweet someone took a liking to the doll and started hauling him around with her new friend, Big Baby. The way she says his name is just darling too, “Chu-chee.” It made me almost be okay with holding him while we played games.


Aren’t dads great? I sure think so.

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Gallup Family said...

Your family always does the funnest stuff! I love reading about your jokes and activities. I hope overtime my kids, Jared, and I can develop such a close bond and share some fun traditions and jokes :)