Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An evening with a fantastic author

Ever since I learned to read at the age of 5 or 6 (I can’t remember which), I have been addicted to the written word. I used to drive my parents crazy when I was younger because I loved to read above all else, especially doing my chores.

My love of literature has continued throughout my life, and it’s very unusual to find me without a book in my possession. To me the hour of time I have to spend commuting every day (luckily the majority of the time I take the train) can be spent reading!

You can imagine how excited I was just a few weeks ago to find out one of my favorite authors, Cinda Williams Chima, would be coming to the Provo City Library. I carefully wrote down in my planner when tickets would be available and marked the date of the event on my calendar. Then I recruited a few people to come with me to hear her speak.

She did a great presentation, and I got to hear more about her newest series that I am completely in love with. It’s called the Seven Realms and includes The Demon King, The Exiled Queen and The Gray Wolf Throne, which just came out a couple weeks ago. We even got to see a first draft of the cover for the fourth book, The Crimson Crown, which, sadly enough won’t be out until October 2012.

But I digress.

Living in such a TV-addicted society, I’m always pleased to see people getting excited about books. Since I’m the queen of pictures, of course I had to document the event.

Here’s my dear friend and me with Ms. Chima, as well as my dear aunt and cousins.


All dressed up as one of the characters in the book


Displays about the book. I had to do the wolf one in honor of my sweet Bumblebee who LOVES wolves! Three displays for three books, in case you’re wondering.


I just love being addicted to literature. It’s fantastic! BTW, this post is dedicated to the Bibliophile who wasn’t able to be there physically but was there 100 percent spiritually. It’s thanks to her that I was introduced to this author’s Heir series in the first place. Thanks, chica!

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kathryn said...

So stinkin' jealous! You'll have to let me know if you want anything from Susan Cooper, Brian Selznick, Sherman Alexie or Gary Schmidt. They'll all be signing at the National Book Festival this weekend.