Monday, August 3, 2009

The Great Bird Poop Incident of 2009

It's been a crappy day.

I wish I could say I meant that figuratively, but I am speaking quite literally, as you will find out below. It seems my Mondays are starting to suck not just because it's Monday but because I am having adventures. You may not think I can top the TRAX incident from last week, but I'm pretty sure this one does.

Today was a lovely day. As such, I thought it sounded like a great idea to eat outside in the Plaza. My very dear Smirk consented to go with me.

I've eaten in the Plaza many times before both in the shade and in the sun without having any problems, but such was not going to be the case today. I was minding my own business while eating my lunch when I felt a plop as something fell in my hair. Horrified at what I was pretty sure it was, I reached my fingers up to feel it and discovered that my suspicions were correct: a bird had pooped on my head!! UGH!!!

I was completely disgusted and turned my head to the side so Smirk could see how bad the damage was. I would say a nice white surprise was in my hair, but it wasn't pleasant at all. I tried to enjoy the rest of my lunch and conversation with Smirk, but I found my mind wandering back to the thought that a bird had just pooped on my head!!! What are the odds of that happening? But then again, how many people do you know who have gotten stuck on TRAX?

Soon the time arrived for us to return to work, but the best part of this story is yet to come. Almost as soon as we returned to our floor, we ran into the Fashionista. Thinking she would sympathize, I quickly told her what had happened, and she started laughing so hard I was afraid she was going to choke. Every time she looked at me, she started laughing again.

She did help me clean the unfortunate mess out of my hair as best she could, which I appreciated, but then she felt the need to tell everyone we came into contact with what had happened. And, yes, I did take this in stride and laughed along with everyone I was forced to tell, even when that meant relating the entire story during our weekly team meeting. It did provide great comic relief many in what is normally a rather boring meeting.

All I can say is at least I was able to laugh at myself by the end of the day so when the Fashionista prodded me to tell two more people, including someone who will surely relate the story to many other people and the boss of our whole department, at least I could laugh at myself. * Sigh *

So you see I really did mean it when I said it's been a crappy day. . .

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Sarah Roberts said...

Oh Tammy! Everything happens to you! That is hilarious! (sorry!) That happened to my companion one time on the mission, and it was so funny we nearly died of laughter. Okay, maybe it was just me dying of laughter and her trying to make the best of it. Anywho, my sympathies for you and every other Monday when you experience something like this.