Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Little Bit Nostalgic

I haven't been very good about writing in this recently and for that I apologize. It's not that I haven't thought about it; I've just been busy with other things and haven't gotten around to it. Oh well! And my entries are all slightly belated too, but again, just bear with me.

This week marked the beginning of the school year not only for my madre and padre and my very dear Speak but also for many friends from my ward which is, after all, a student ward. :)

I've watched all of this with slightly mixed feelings. Mostly I feel relieved that I'm not the one who has to go back to school, but at the same time, I remember the excitement that went along with it. I remember the fun and somewhat outrageous times I had with my roommates and then I think of the stress that came with it such as homework, projects, reading assignments and just trying to figure my life out. I was luckier than most in that I knew from a young age what I wanted to do and have never wavered from it. I have also been blessed enough to find a job in my profession, something I know many people are not able to do.

I realized a few weeks ago that this fall marks the fourth year since I graduated from college. This means I have now been away for as long as I was there. Crazy how fast time passes! I also realized that I had my second anniversary at my job this summer which, again, means that I have now been away for as long as I was there. I feel like I should be at some sort of crossroads in having this realization, but I don't necessarily feel that's the case. I am striving to do good things in my life and to always improve myself, but I think I can do better.

It's just an interesting feeling to think about being done with college for so long. I can still remember what it was like but I'm afraid that I'm starting to forget just a bit. I like to think I can empathize with friends who are still in school. It's just weird to think that college is now an almost entirely separate area of my life. The most important thing at this point is to make sure I'm progressing and not digressing. But I think I'm not doing so bad.


Kyle and Lacey said...

It is crazy how fast time has gone. From time to time I think about how long ago college was, and it makes me both relieved and longing at the same time!

Linder1313 said...

Tams, I know you how feel. So this year I'll have been in college for 4 years. My undergrad feels like a LIFETIME. I was up on campus looking at the girls going through sorority rush and remembered like it was yesterday when I did the same thing. Only if they knew to enjoy it because we were babies. Now I'm an oldie.