Monday, April 5, 2010

The Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2010

What do you get when you have 8 kids, 250 plastic eggs and an entire elementary school in which to hide said eggs? A whole lot of fun as you can hopefully see through this photographic journey!

For Easter this year I went to my parents' house in Idaho as did two of my sisters and their families and of course my brother already lives there. My oldest sister has been collecting plastic eggs for about 10 years now. I couldn't believe it when she told me she has about 200. It took the five of us (her, me and her three kids) an hour on Friday night to fill those eggs! But it was all worth it as you can hopefully see below.

Here we are entering the school.

On to hiding the eggs. We didn't hide them throughout the entire school, just in the main entry, gym, library, partway down both halls and in my dad's classroom. It took a whole lot more time to hide the eggs than it did for the children to find them. Yes, I know it's shocking. :)

More egg hiding fun, but this is in the gym.

We even hid them on the door handles like this.

Release the hounds! Or, I guess more accurately it's release the children.

Look high, look low, look. . . in front of your face? KK almost missed these eggs so I gave him just a slight nudge.

I know this isn't such a great picture, but I love how it looks like the Diva is trying to pull Z-man back. She was the most aggressive of the children and it looked like she got the most eggs for her trouble.

Here's Z-man finding eggs hidden in the folded up bleachers.

Ahh Bumblebee. She was so cute finding her eggs. Albert had to help her with that one because we were tricky trickster and hid it way up high.

The Gamer holds up his very full sack of eggs.

Unfortunately we did have one slight incident. KK and Bumblebee collided as they were running into/out of the gym. She was upset but ended up being okay.

Here's the whole gang once the hunt was over. Not too bad huh.

Let the bartering begin. Of course one mustn't get stuck with candy one doesn't really want so why not find an unsuspecting cousin to trade with. Mind you, none of this candy was the icky kind; they just had preferences for what they liked best.

The Diva was all about the mini M&Ms.

KK liked the Butterfingers.

The Gamer was pretty excited to collect Milky Ways.

Trust me when I say I know that Easter is definitely about much more than Easter egg hunts; in fact, the hunts are only a tiny portion of its true meaning. But, it's still fun to be able to do something like this.

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Andersons said...

You're such a cool aunt, and I loved seeing the pictures! Cute kids!