Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh the joys of being 4!

Sometimes when you're an adorable four-year-old girl who looks like this (see picture below), life is just much more fun. For example, you can tell fibs and not only be honest about your lying but it's so cute that nobody can actually be mad at you. When you demand to talk to your aunt on the phone, she asks you how your school (meaning pre-school) is going. You tell her "I have to go back tomorrow. It sucks."

And your aunt replies, "But I thought you liked school."

You say, "Well, I'm actually lying. Sometimes I just lie."

But your aunt can't be mad at her cute little Bumblebee for such an innocent offense so she laughs instead, and when she jokingly relates the story to your mom, she just says, "Well at least she's honest about the fact that she's lying."

* As a disclaimer, I'm sure if this was something serious, simply shaking your head and saying it was so cute would not be what would actually transpire. Her daddy would never allow that because we know better, cute girl or not.

If you're four, you also don't have to go to bed in boring old pajamas. No sirree. Instead, you get to wear interesting things like a dance costume, a dress or even your swimming suit.

Oh the joys of being a four year old. :) We love our little Bumblebee.

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