Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Central Park--A Little Something for Everyone

I apologize for yesterday's entry. It was just a sad moment for me, but I'm already feeling better. I think I was just at the end of my rope and frustrated about a few other things so when the ache started, I had a difficult time making it subside. I promise that I am much better today.

I wanted to move on to some other exciting entries that I have in mind, starting with the one about Central Park. First of all, it's huge! I don't think anything could've prepared me for just how giant that park really is. I've always thought Liberty Park was nice sized, but it's minute compared to Central Park. We were there for several hours and only saw about a third of the park. Crazy!

Since I'm me and this park is full to overflowing with people of course I got some great people watching time in, well in between trying not to wither away from all the humidity. Ick! I am a desert child and find humidity difficult. It did make my hands nice though. :) My observation is that Central Park pretty much has something for everyone. Whether you're a runner, walker, biker, hiker, skater, artist, boater or even just a regular person looking for some enjoyable outside time, Central Park is definitely for you.
Here's our group walking into the park.

The Bibliophile and I had a lovely chat with an older couple who live right across from the park and have been going there daily for about 25 years now. I was so impressed by that. Here are a few photos documenting all the types of people you see in the park. Sorry about the blurriness, but these were people on the move.
First, we have bikers. There were plenty of those.

Next, you have skateboarders. I didn't see quite as many of those, but there were definitely some there.

For however many dollars (I don't know how much because I didn't ask) you can pay to have one of these guys ride you around in a cart. All I can say is those guys must have some awesome leg muscles from hauling people around all day.

Ahh, of course there were plenty of runners too. I would love to someday go running in Central Park, although I wouldn't like being surrounded by so many people though. I prefer to run in quieter areas.

And for added flavor, mix in a few artists painting the much-needed green the park provides for the concrete jungle.

And if you'd like to go boating, well you can do that too.

There's even a place for some wildlife in the park, if you can consider turtles to be wildlife. These ones call Turtle Pond their home. We seriously thought they were statues because they weren't moving very much.

Lucky us! We got to be in the park on the day of the annual Puerto Rican Parade. That meant lots of noise, a large section of the park being blocked off and hoards of people running around in Puerto Rican flags, colors and many types of decorations to show pride for their country. Although it meant we didn't get to see the Alice in Wonderland statue, it did make our visit to the park that more interesting.


gag01001 said...

Oh, my gosh! My legs look whiter than my shirt in that picture! The saddest part is that I had used tanning location and spent a lot of time in the sun to get that white.

Andersons said...

Who knew there was so much there! Thanks for sharing, and one of these days I might see it for myself.