Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello, my name is Tammy, and I’m a Disney addict . . .

So, this week it’s been an entire month since I was in Disneyland. Part of me can’t believe it’s been that long already while the other part feels like it was forever ago that I was strolling through the park, riding Space Mountain, Soarin’ Over California or even Autopia, while trying to keep cool in the warm sun and enjoying freedom from real life.


I figured that I was going to enjoy myself, so I’m not surprised I did. What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was the fact that I’d love it so much I’d want to go back almost immediately!

I have plenty of friends who love Disneyland and go there regularly. In fact, two of them love it so much that despite living in Utah, they hold, or have held, season passes to the park! And I always thought that was funny somehow, especially with Yellowstone being my favorite vacation spot to date.

Now I understand.

Honestly, there’s just something magical about it. People are happy there. There’s so much to do. The weather is consistently beautiful (well at least it was while we were there). And I still can’t get over the world they’ve created, from calling employees “cast members” to having costumes that match each area of the park and/or ride to the music that’s always playing.

I’ve been having terrible withdrawals since I got back from Disneyland. I usually love my trips and think fondly of them as I step back into real life, but this time has been different. This time I’ve been longing for it in a completely unexpected way. I keep thinking about when’s the earliest time I could possible go again (my budget says not too soon, I’m afraid), looking through my pictures and listening to the Disney station on Pandora.


A little obsessed perhaps? Umm, I don’t really want to answer that question.

Tonight I was in the Disney store, and it made me happy because it reminded me of Disneyland for the whole 10 minutes I was in there.

Sigh. Why didn’t someone warn me how much I’d love Disneyland? That it really is (as cheesy as I know this is) a magical place I’d fall in love with? That I’d become a Disney addict, so to speak.

Even with plenty of other places in the world I hope to visit, I suppose I’d better start setting aside funds for Disneyland, so when the right opportunity comes (maybe in two years when my niece’s dance group goes again) that I will be able to afford the trip. Wish me luck!

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Angela Brown said...

Oh I love you! I am the same way. I have started to actually wonder if they put something in the water there... (0= I love it. The girls watch the Disneyland Vacation Planning CD at least once a week. It's insane. It is expensive but I am so determined to go back lol. I think I loved it so much because I really felt like I was somewhere else entirely and able to enjoy being with the family with no stress!!