Wednesday, August 15, 2012

At the races once again

Wow! So many adventures lately and not enough time (or energy if I do have time) to blog about them! Here I go in my attempt to catch up on my backlog of blog posts.

Last weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my older brother, sister-in-law, nephews and darling 3-year-old niece as we attended the Clash of the Titans Monster Truck Race at Rocky Mountain Raceway in Salt Lake City. Every time it’s been a few years since I’ve gone I forget how much I enjoy it, but I always do. Part of that lies in the fact that it feels like something so unTammy like to do, and I usually enjoy that.

Just being silly before we went to the race. What a cute little poser and a silly boy.


The thing I can never get over is the sickly sweet scent of the fuel they put in those trucks. It’s so interesting. They’re so big and so loud. As an adult who has been quite a few times, I forget how loud they are to tiny ears, but KK reminded me. The first truck came out and she got so scared she went over to her mommy to sit on her lap. Then, when she came back over to me, the first thing she did is take my hands and place them over her ears. So my brother fixed the problem for her by getting her some headphones.


A few pictures of the races. I discovered that although my iPhone is great for regular pictures, it’s not so awesome with action shots. Sad smile Oh well! There’s a few with car crushing so use your imagination on the rest.


Here’s the eventual winner, the Bigfoot Bessie, driven by Larry Swim.


A few after race shots during the Pit Party. First, the boys.


Then the girls (pictured by Scarlet Bandit, the only truck driven by a woman at this event. Her husband was also there with two other trucks they own.)


Finally, me with the kids.


This year they did a wheelie competition after the races, but, alas, my pictures are all blurry, so I’m not going to post them. It was an enjoyable evening spent with my wonderful family.

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