Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cubicle Snot

And Tammy's funny moments continue. Today I'd like to bring you a special edition entitled "Cubicle Snot" so aptly named by my very dear Smirk.

Once upon a time it was spring cleaning day on the 7th floor. Tammy had plenty to do that day but decided she wasn't really into doing her real work, so she would clean her desk instead. As she was dusting behind her computer, she discovered a pile of sticky yellow substance. It was gross, but she just figured she had spilled something even though it was in an odd location. She cleaned it up and didn't think too much about it.

A few weeks later, Tammy noticed that the sticky yellow substance was back. She was quite concerned as it looked as if it could've leaked from one of the many cords behind her computer. Tammy meant to call the help desk and ask about it but got busy and didn't do it. Yes, if you could see her right now you'd know she was hanging her head in shame.

Well, fast forward to yesterday. Tammy was desperately trying to contact a few Idaho companies in order to complete an assignment at work. To her dismay, she discovered something was wrong with her phone and all they could hear was static when she called. The next day she tried again with much the same result, confirmed by her colleague in Idaho. Very much in need of an Idaho company to interview, Tammy finally called the help desk and was put on hold for. . . a . . . long. . . .time.

The person on the help desk made note of the phone issue and then Tammy asked about the strange yellow substance. He was quite concerned and said he would forward the information to the appropriate department. Only a short time later, Tammy received a call from someone in IT (she didn't catch what he did) who spent 10 minutes telling her repeatedly that whatever the yellow substance was, it couldn't have come from her cords because cords don't leak substances. And if she thought it came from her computer, she should turn it off and just not turn it back on again. Umm, yeah that's going to work since she was in the middle of editing the internal news update she has to do every week. He practically begged Tammy to call someone from the building maintenance department to come see what the strange substance might be.

Only a few minutes later someone from the department came up to Tammy's floor. She showed him the substance and he agreed that it couldn't have come from the cords. He then proceeded to make a search of where it could've come from and discovered, somewhat to Tammy's chagrin, that it was caused by a leak in the hinge mechanism for her cabinet. He advised her to put a ticket into the system so it could be taken care of.

At this point Tammy was feeling pretty dumb, but really how could she have known?! To help her feel better, she related the whole matter to Smirk, who deemed what they now knew was oil as "Cubicle Snot." It seemed a fitting name somehow. The end!

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