Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Labor of Love

Some of you may be aware while others of you are not, but my precious and beloved niece, Miss Sassypants, is not doing so well recently. Her heart has decided it's tired of working for her and is showing signs that it's failing. I don't mean to depress any of you by mentioning this; I only say it to explain the significance of this post.

My sister has been trying to think of something she could do to help Miss Sassypants. One of the things suggested to her was to make a Love Quilt. The way it works is that each person in the family makes a square and writes a special message to our girl and then when she uses it, she can feel our love for her. It may sound cheesy, but it fits our situation. It's so difficult to be facing a situation like this and know there's nothing you can do to make it better. This is one little thing we can do. Here are a few pictorial highlights documenting our work on Sunday. Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law for coordinating all of this!

We'll start with T, K and L. They were excited about this project, but then again K loves artsy/craftsy types of projects and her little sister often follows in her footsteps. :)

Here's me with my purple hand.

And my sister. An appropriate blog name for her is on the tip of my tongue, but it's so late that I can't think what it is, so she'll just have to be nameless for right now.
The newlyweds stopped by before leaving on their honeymoon to get in on this project.

Our adorable baby girl, who charmed everyone in the family, and a few extras besides, also got to do a square. She wasn't too happy about the pressing her hand/foot onto the square, but just look how cute the finished product is!

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gag01001 said...

I hope you'll be able to post a picture of the finished product. I miss you all so much!