Friday, September 11, 2009

My First Visit to Bear Lake

Wow! It's hard to believe that another week has gone by and it's already Friday! It helps that this was a short week and that I had to take a quick business trip to Vernal. Then because the trip was so quick, I've been recovering from it. Oh well! It's Friday now, and weekends are always good!

The real point of this post is to share pictures from my expedition on Monday. I decided to visit my sister and brother-in-law in northern Utah last weekend, just for overnight though. My brother-in-law wanted to do something fun on Labor Day (that wasn't going to the aquatic center, which is what his kids wanted to do) so we ended up taking a trip to Bear Lake.

I haven't ever been to Bear Lake before, but I had a wonderful time! I couldn't believe how beautiful it is, and the temperature was really nice too. The kids had a great time. The temperature was pretty mild (only about 75ish degrees) and there was a stiff breeze, so they got just a little cold, but otherwise they really enjoyed themselves. Here are some pictorial highlights. Enjoy! And bear (haha!) with me on the space issues. No matter how hard I try there's always spacing issues when I put pictures up. Oh well!
My first glimpse of the lake. So beautiful!

Here's the kids having fun in the water.

I was fascinated with the ridges created by the waves. They felt pretty cool to walk on too.

I also enjoyed watching the sailboats. There was quite a breeze so some of them got moving quite well. One of them had an unfortunate incident and tipped over. This is a picture of said event. One of the other boats went over to help, and I'm assuming that it picked up the stranded, or should I say capsized, sailing party.
My gracious hosts. I promise my brother-in-law isn't really a grumpy pants. He just looks cranky in this picture. :)

Cool slippers dude!

Here's my sister and me enjoying the water.

And this is what happens when I leave my camera unattended with my brother-in-law. He takes pictures of the sky, my camera case and the sunblock bottle. What a sillypants! * Sigh * He's a man after my father's heart.

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