Thursday, December 10, 2009

I DO NOT live in Rexburg anymore!

So, both this week and last a serious cold snap has held Utah in its icy grip. I'm pretty sure Idaho is part of it too, judging by the low temperatures I've seen for my home town, and perhaps it's even a few degrees colder.

In any case, it's freezing outside!!

I wasn't terribly excited at the prospect of the winter storm forecast for Tuesday, but I was slightly relieved because normally when it snows, the temperature creeps back up at least a little bit. And it did--all the way to 30 degrees or so. That doesn't sound very warm, but when it's been steadily sitting in the low 20s and the teens, 30 is like a beach vacation or something!

Unfortunately even with Tuesday's storm, it's still been blasted cold. It was so bitterly cold this morning that after scraping the thick layer of frost off my car windows (which probably took only 5-8 minutes), my fingers were numb for the entire drive to work. And Smirk and I were seriously freezing throughout the 10-minute walk from the parking garage to our building. When I looked at the temperature on, I understood exactly why: it was all of 6 degrees this morning. Brrrr!! There was also a slight breeze which didn't really help things.

This bitingly cold weather has put me in mind of my Rexburg days. Don't get me wrong--I loved going to school in there and had a lovely educational experience. But, it's nicknamed Iceberg for a reason. I definitely don't miss those subzero temperatures and snowstorms all the way until April. It hasn't been a pleasant reminder to have it be so cold here for over a week now.

But lest you think me a terrible whiner with nothing positive to say, I do have something happy to add: a heat wave is coming our direction. Saturday is supposed to get all the way up to 37. Yippee!!

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Katie said...

It has been bitterly cold here in Utah. Yesterday, I checked the weather for Rexburg (my wee sis still goes there and I wanted to see how she was doing) and it was -14! That didn't even include wind-chill. So as cold as it's gotten here, I'm glad I don't have to hike my self from the Spori to the Ricks in -14. Yikes -- so many good but cold memories in that wonderful town.