Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snow boots?

So yesterday we got hit with a pretty big snowstorm. It wasn't a surprise as it's been in the forecast for a couple of days at least. However, the snowstorm presents some concerns aside from slick roads and cold weather.

This is a picture of what my feet looked like as I walked from my building to the parking garage. Don't worry--I have no illusions about how awesome the look really is.

I have to do this because I have short legs, and short legs equals pants that are too long. If I don't do something, they drag on the sidewalk and get stiff with all the salt they collect. It's pretty nasty. Last week I tried to prevent this by stuffing my pants into my shoes, but, alas, they wouldn't stay . So yesterday I was determined not to protect my pants, so I did this instead.

I'm pretty sure this means I'm in serious need of some snow boots. Wouldn't you agree?


gag01001 said...

I can't believe you have lasted this long without snow boots. They would be a wise investment.

Andersons said...

Hopefully Santa will bring you some...