Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Girl Power Moment!

So this weekend I had another girl power moment.

Since it was back in Feburary, I'm pretty sure many of you might not remember, but I had a girl power moment when I changed my car's headlight without assistance. It seems a small thing, but I was so proud of myself for doing so. This weekend I one upped that (and yes that phrasing sounds a little weird to me too): I changed my first flat tire, with supervision of course.

The other day Smirk and I were on our way to the park to go run/walking. I was concerned because I thought I heard a noise coming from my tire that sounded like air coming out, but Smirk didn't hear anything, so I thought I must be mistaken. I watched the tire carefully for the next few days but didn't notice anything amiss. I drove all the way to my sister's house on Friday for my nieces' dance recital and, again, everything was fine. However, after our little late night jaunt to Wendy's (because we were all starving after the event), I noticed in the pouring rain that my right front tire looked awfully low.

The next morning my fears were confirmed when my sister and I drove to the gym for Zumba class (wa-hoo!! it was awesome!) and I saw that my tire was completely flat. Normally this would distress me, but in this case it was okay because I knew both my dad and my brother-in-law were around so they could help me.

After returning from the gym and helping prepare breakfast, my brother-in-law and I trooped out to my car to address the problem. I was pretty insistent that I didn't want him to do it for me; I wanted him to show me how to do it. That's mostly what happened. I struggled just a little bit with pumping up my jack and initially loosening the lug nuts. He also made me think carefully about which way the donut should be put on my car so I could figure it out, which I did with some guidance.

I was delighted a few hours later to go back and get my car once the tire was fixed. I had helped bring this about myself and was so happy about that! Yay for brothers-in-law who are willing to help out when you need it and yay for another experience that reminded me of what a strong, independent woman I am.

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gag01001 said...

So proud of you!