Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two New Somethings

I've just been looking over my entries from the past few months and realized I haven't had as much to say lately. There are reasons for this of course but I find it interesting all the same. I suppose I'll return to my wordy ways soon enough. After all, Idol is almost over and much as I hate to have it take my time, it really does. :)

Anyway, the point of this entry, as indicated by the title, is to talk about two exciting somethings that are happening this month. The first officially started last Saturday and the second started today, even though I thought it started yesterday. Oops! Not a bit deal, fortunately.

My two friends from work decided that they're going to go the entire month of May without eating sugar. By sugar, they mean candies, sweets, juices, pop and the like. Natural sugars, like fruits and honey, are okay. I wasn't sure about joining them because I'm a pretty terrible sugar addict. But, I made a slight modification to the challenge and agreed to participate. Strength in numbers, I say. I have now been four days without eating sugar (save the natural variety) and am doing very well. I did look a little despairingly at the calendar today and think, "It's sure a looonnnggg time until May 31" but I'm determined to see this through. My modification to the challenge is two "Get out of jail free" passes that mean if I'm desperate, I can eat sugar twice during the month and it's okay.

My reward is money toward a new iPod which I'm desperately in need of! I'd like to get it before I go to New York next month, but I'm not sure if that's going to work out or not. We'll have to see. I am planning to put a certain amount of money toward my iPod for every week I go without sugar. Wa-hoo!

The second exciting thing is a walking challenge I'm participating in through work. I opted to go for steps as opposed to time, so the goal is to get 65,000 steps in 42 days. I personally think that goal is slightly low and plan to knock it out of the park if possible. I'm excited to be participating in this campaign, however, and feel it is surely benefiting me already.

Wish me luck as I begin something new and exciting this month!

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Kyle and Lacey said...

Those sound like two awesome somethings! Good luck! You should check out Apple's Web site and look at the refurbished ipods. These are the ipods that were sent back to the company for whatever reason, fixed, and are being resold much cheaper. That's where we got ours three years ago at a significant discount, and it has always worked great! (We have the ipod Nano.)