Monday, May 16, 2011

Running for a cause

Today I signed up for a 5K . . . that takes place on Saturday. Am I ready for it? Probably not, but I chose to do it anyway, and here’s why.

I’ve already been thinking about this 5K for awhile and was planning to do it way back when (since March to be exact). However, I’ve had a crazy schedule for the last few months, and my evenings keep getting filled with other things, so my training has been extremely limited. And then my computer was unsafe so I couldn’t sign up for the race. . . yeah you’re getting the picture.

Then I got an email from my dear aunt yesterday that changed everything, so now I’m officially participating in the Running with Angels 5K next Saturday, ready or not. But I believe in running for a good cause, and this one is most definitely fits that requirement.

It’s a race put on by Pam Hansen in honor of her book, Running with Angels. It’s a longer story than I’m going to tell here, but basically Pam was able to use running as a means to fight her obesity and to deal with the deaths of two of her children and the illnesses of two more of her children. I haven’t read the book myself, but it sounds like a great story, and I’ll be adding it to my list.

Proceeds from this race will be donated to the Angel Watch program that’s designed to support families who discover life-threatening illnesses or conditions with their unborn children. Having been through something like this, I feel strongly about supporting an organization like this. Originally I thought the race was to raise money for Primary Children’s, but, it is not. However, I still feel this race is a worthy cause.

Here’s the part that really makes it personal to me: I’m running this race in honor of my beautiful niece, Ashley Marie Winn, who died a little over a year ago. I still miss her dearly and many of the positive lifestyle changes I’ve made in the last year (including taking up running, something I NEVER thought I would or could do) have been in her honor. So I’m going to run this race for her. See that beautiful smile? I would love for all kids to be able to smile like that.


If you’re interested in learning more about the race or in donating to the Angel Watch Program, here’s a link to the page they automatically created for me when I signed up. I didn’t make a goal on fundraising or anything, especially since I signed up so late, but if you’d like to support me in this, please feel free to visit the page:

Wish me luck as I prepare to run for a great cause on Saturday!

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