Friday, May 20, 2011

Thanks, Dave!

I was a little distressed last week to find out that credit card machines in about 70 Michael’s stores around the U.S. had been compromised, including 2 in Utah. Yes, I shopped at one of the locations a few months ago, unfortunately, so my debit card was cancelled and a new one reissued as a safety precaution.

I hadn’t noticed any unusual activity in my account, but I’m still grateful the bank took the route of cancelling my card just in case. The ironic thing is that my card expires this month and I’d just barely gotten my new card and activated it the night before it was cancelled. Oh well!

It’s now been a week, and I still don’t have my new card. Normally it would be cause for distress to be without my debit card for an entire week, but this time it’s not so bad . . . thanks to Dave Ramsey!

Since I’m now following Financial Peace University, the program he created, one of the key components is to use the envelope system where you get cash for each budgeted item and then you can spend it until it’s gone. I’ve been using this system for about seven months now, and it’s been working very well for me. And this week it’s seriously saving my bacon!

Without having my spending money in cash, I would’ve either been forced to use my credit card a LOT or to be stuck with using the archaic checks, which many places won’t even take anymore.

All I can say is that I’m extremely grateful to Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University for making what could’ve been a difficult week a whole lot easier. Smile

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