Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just a Saturday evening party

Happy Sunday everyone, and what a beautiful day it is outside!! I’m seriously loving this spring weather that’s FINALLY arrived! Sorry about my two-week hiatus in writing in my blog. My computer was having some issues that I thought meant it had been hijacked so I’ve been using it on a very limited basis, but now we’re up and running again. So one of my first orders of business is to update my poor neglected blog. Smile

Just a couple weeks ago someone I work closely with got married. The wedding itself was a quiet affair and then she left for a week and a half honeymoon in Puerto Rico. She’s fairly well-known in the community, as is her new husband, so they decided to have an open house celebration to commemorate their marriage. I felt humbled to be one of the people chosen to attend. But now I have a serious problem.

The open house was going to be held at one of the nicest restaurants in downtown, and I had absolutely nothing in my closet that I felt was appropriate to wear. So, I had to go on a little shopping excursion to figure out what I should wear. Well, here are the results of my thousands of steps through many stores. And the best part is, I got a steal on this dress!


Here are a few images from the party. One of my good friends agreed to go with me, which I really appreciated. He helped make it much more of a comfortable evening for me and blended seamlessly into the crowd too. Thanks be to great friends!


Here’s me with my colleague (doesn’t she look fabulous?) and three of us Zions ladies.


I was nervous when it got time to leave for the actual party because I’ve never really done anything like this before, but I thought the evening turned out very well. I was grateful I had the chance to attend.

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Connie said...

You look so gorgeous!!! This dress rocks!