Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do we have a birthday here? Yes, we have a birthday here!

So, anybody who has read this blog at all knows that I LOVE my birthday. And this week was my birthday! Yay!! To kill any suspense, I will start off by saying it was a lovely day.

Because I love my birthday so very much, I usually want to make a big deal about it. This year . . . not so much. One of my big problems was that I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. Did I want to organize a party for myself? Usually I do, but I found this year that I didn’t want to. So it was a low-key birthday instead, which is fine.

It started the Friday before when I had a congratulabirthday celebration with friends from work. (More on that in my next post). Here’s me with my cake:


Then I went home and had a birthday celebration there on President’s Day before I came back. KK enjoyed the banana cheesecake. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but it was really good! The thing I’m holding in the second picture is an ornament that celebrates shoes. My mom and I found it after Christmas, and it was perfect for me, so she bought it to give to me for my birthday.


On my actual birthday I took the day off work. My original plans didn’t quite work out, but what happened instead was great. I went to the gym (a great way to start your birthday) then had the longest manicure/pedicure ever (three hours!!!), then had lunch with a dear friend and her darling little boy and ended the evening with a dinner and a celebration at my aunt’s house. Yes, it’s recorded in photos, so here they are.



As I’m sure you can see, it’s been a lovely birthday. I have made a smooth transition into the 29th year of my life and look forward to making this year the best yet. Great things are in store for me, I can already feel it.

Thanks to everyone who made the day special for me! I don’t know if you all read this blog or not, but your love and support means a lot!

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