Monday, February 20, 2012

Queen of Picture taking

So today (or it might have been last night. I can’t remember because it’s been a busy weekend, but I digress.) my nephew accused me of being the queen of taking pictures. He was telling me about how many pictures he has on his Facebook page, most of which came from me. He even said as much in a status update during Christmas break.

And I confess that he’s not wrong.

I do take a lot of pictures, and I do post a lot of them on Facebook. My  reason for doing this is to share my adventures with friends and family. As a journalist, I strongly believe that a picture is most often worth 1,000 words. So, why not save my wordy self the trouble of writing a bunch of words (which people don’t read anyway) and instead post pictures? So I do. Sometimes my siblings tell me they get to live vicariously through pictures that I post.

Here’s the other important reason why I value pictures so much and am not likely to stop taking or posting them anytime soon: these pictures capture memories, moments in time that can never be repeated. In the case of Miss Sassypants, each of the hundreds of pictures I took throughout her life are now a priceless treasure. They help me remember all the wonderful times I had with her, some things which I may have even forgotten if not for the pictures. They help me remember her dear face, the sassy smile and other things that made her who she was.

All this is possible because I was constantly taking pictures. Sometimes it’s painful to look at them, but for the most part they bring me comfort, and I’m never going to be sorry I took so many.

So, to the Gamer’s accusation, yes, I am the queen of pictures, and I’m proud of it. And I don’t have plans to change anytime soon.

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