Monday, February 6, 2012

Each life that touches ours for good . . .

I found out last Monday night that my bishopric is going to be released this coming Sunday. I must admit that I was sad to hear it.

It’s taken me a little while, but I have truly come to love and respect the three men called to lead our ward flock. My bishop is hilarious, and the other two counselors are right with him. I’ve worked closely with one of them for my Temple Committee calling, and it’s been a great experience. They are truly men of God, and I appreciate their service. It took me awhile to figure out just how much I love my ward, but now that I have, I’m sad to see a major change.

Once again as I did when I moved a year and a half ago (when my last bishopric was released), I wish these men the best as they move on to something new in their lives . . . and get used to being in a family ward once again. I suppose it could be a hard transition, but I’m sure they’ll do great.

My heart was truly touched last week at home evening when the bishop broke down in tears telling us he would be released. I could feel the love he has for all of us, and that made me realize that a lot of that love is coming straight from Heavenly Father. It was a humbling thought.

As I’ve contemplated this change, it’s made me reflect on people who have touched my life in various and sometimes unexpected ways. Some things become even more meaningful with the passage of time, even if they meant at lot when they happened.

I had the opportunity to get together with friends from one of my old wards this weekend, and I spent time talking to one of them about many of the ward members whom I’ve lost contact with but still care about. Again, I thought of how these people have all had an effect on my life and how I’m sad they’re no longer a direct part of it, but I’m grateful for the time I had with them.

I’m sorry to wax philosophical and perhaps a bit sad in this entry. It’s just confirmed to me, once again, that nobody is an island, and our lives touch others in so many ways, sometimes in ways we can’t even see until much later. So to those who’ve played key roles in my life (even if you don’t know it), I thank you and hope I’ve been able to touch your life as much.

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rhonda said...

Tammy I love you and I am so grateful we have kept in contact over the years. You are a wonderful friend and you have touched my life. You are amazing!