Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When Mom and Dad come to town

Once again it’s been far longer than I intended since I’ve written in here. I have ideas but just not always the time. And it’s not likely to change in the next week, but I’ll do my best. Don’t give up on me anybody who still reads my blog!

So a couple of weeks ago my parents came to visit. They don’t get to visit very often, so I always try my hardest to live it up when they do. This time was no exception. I took two days off work (one for my cousin’s wedding and the other to spend with my Mom and Dad), and we had a lovely time.

There were funny jokes


a fun nature walk, complete with bird nests, one of my dad’s favorite hobbies (not the nests are his hobbies, but he loves birds)



dinner with all my mom’s sisters (since she lives in Idaho and almost all of her sisters live here, she doesn’t often get to go to dinner with them, so it was a truly special occasion)


and of course, frozen yogurt.


What a lovely weekend! I’m just happy he didn’t sneak in my parents’ luggage and end up here with them. Winking smile


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Thinking said...

hmmm....I hope you had a good time with parents...Its always so good to be with your parents...you feel like a baby again...and who don't want to feel like a little baby...hmmm