Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dancing with the Diva

Yesterday I got to have a fun adventure. I went to see my niece, the Diva’s, dance competition in Ogden. I’ve never been to one before and ever since I heard about it I wanted to go. So I did.

I don’t know why, but I always expect Ogden to be closer to where I live than it really is. But it’s an hour drive to get there. I hopped in the car and started making my merry way down the freeway. With sunshiny skies, good tunes and, I must confess, a phone call with my brother, the time flew by until I arrived.

Ogden High School, where the competition was being held, was super crowded with parents, dancers, cheerleaders and spectators like me. I found a place to park and then headed into the school to check things out. It took a little effort, but I finally found my sister and we settled in for a nice chat while we waited for the Diva’s numbers to begin. We came at a perfect time when there was about a 20-minute break, so we got some quality visiting in before the dances started again.

I have to say that I very much enjoyed myself. I always wanted to be a dancer when I was younger but never got to take dance lessons. So I was living what I wished had happened through these girls. It sounds weird, but it was fun. I enjoyed watching these girls perform, seeing how much they loved it and observing their talent. Of course some teams and some numbers were better than others, but on the whole it was fantastic!

Apparently the Diva had a difficult morning, but by the time her team performed, she was all settled down. Dance has been a big part of her life since she was three, and I can see how much she loves it. Of course I captured her dances on film, but with the lighting in the auditorium I couldn’t use my flash, so most of them didn’t come out so well. Dang it! Enjoy imagining how great she looked in these pictures though.


Okay, this isn’t my niece’s team, but it’s another group from her studio. This kid in the green was one of only a few boys who performed, and let me tell you, he is a fantastic dancer!! His hip-hop routine was amazing, and I thought he blew some of the girls on his team out of the water because he was that good. I couldn’t resist taking a picture.


Here’s the proud dancer after the competition with her mom and then with me. She did a fantastic job.



Dawn said...

Loved having you along! Dancing is a BIG part of our lives!

Dawn said...

Can't wait for the Disneyland dance trip!