Thursday, March 7, 2013

And the fortune says . . .

Can you believe it? I’m posting again and it’s only been a few days since my last post. Will wonders never cease? Or it could be because after two and a half months of dedicated studying, I have now finished my prep course, including all six practice tests! Yay!

I finished just in time too – my test day is this Saturday! I’m nervous for sure, but my practice tests have shown me that my level of readiness has increased. I’m hopeful it will be enough. I’ll know shortly. Wish me remembrance and understanding. Prayers definitely help too.

I do want to share a few fun pieces of information that have encouraged me along on this journey.

This is one I got last summer, and I liked the idea of it, so I taped it to my computer at work. At that point, grad school wasn’t really on my radar. I just liked the idea of something new and exciting happening.


This is one I got in January. At the time I was excited for it to refer to something else, but I’m just as okay with it perhaps referring to the GMAT and grad school. In any case, it’s encouraged me to be brave.


I don’t remember when I got either of these, but since they apply to the task at hand, I’m including them.


Let’s hope the Chinese (or whoever writes these fortunes) got it right and test day proves to be successful for me.

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Andersons said...

Crossing my fingers for you and prayers of course! Good luck!