Friday, June 7, 2013

Southern Utah Market Visit

Okay, bear with me for a couple posts. This is my attempt to catch up a few of the posts I’ve missed writing lately. I’m going to start with Southern Utah.

Just a couple weeks ago, my supervisor and I made a three-day market trip to Southern Utah. The purpose of the trip was two-fold: to visit businesses in the area which we will now feature on the radio program and for her to do a presentation. In three days, this involves visiting around 15-20 businesses, and, of course, it’s my job to coordinate all of that.

It’s a lot of work, as you can imagine, but is very worth it. Here’s a sampling of some of the businesses we featured (which I happened to also catch on film):

This is a gentleman who spent years as a farmer and created a machine to put dew on his hay for a better harvest. I’m from a farming community, but I’m not familiar with the process of harvesting hay. Apparently, you need natural dew to form in order to get the best harvest, and this particular year, it wasn’t. So, he created this machine. His company is doing well too.


Here’s the room of masks at the office of the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Pretty cool huh? These are masks the founder, Fred Adams, has collected over the years from all over the world. We had a great meeting with the education director.


One evening I had some time to myself so I visited the St. George Temple. I love how historic it is! I saw this painting in the Bloomington Country Club, and I think it’s stunning, so I took a picture.


This is Tuacahn Amphitheatre, a place I very much want to go now that I’ve seen it. I’ve heard plays there are pretty awesome, so I’d like to check one out. And this is some cool rock formations in the neighborhoods on the way to the amphitheater.



Finally, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, definitely one of the highlights of our trip. This is the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the world. It sits on 3,800 acres and has up to 1,800 animals they’re taking care of at any time, from dogs and cats, to horse, pigs, birds and even wildlife. I fell love with it and the work they’re doing.


Finally, a cute little bed and breakfast we stumbled upon right before we left town. We’re also going to feature them on the program.


It was a very busy few days, and I was exhausted by the time I got home, but we had some wonderful meetings and found great business. It’s also fun to get out of the office, even if our days outside the office are sometimes longer than the ones in. It’s all good.

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