Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Day!

So I accomplished a major feat today, and I am so proud of myself: I cooked my first turkey!! Okay, so really it's in the oven right now cooking, and I'm hoping that it's done in about 45 minutes when all the friends we invited over for our "We're so thankful for good friends pre-Thanksgiving dinner" starts in about 40 minutes, but I looked in the oven when I got up from my nap, and it was looking' good. The button is also popped so I consider that a good sign as well. However, I was putting the leftover cooking bag away, and I realized that I forgot to cut slits in the bag for it to vent, so I hope that doesn't cause any problems. I guess we'll see soon enough. I'm hoping old Tom Turkey is going to cooperate though. Don't worry--I already told his frozen carcass thanks for sacrificing his life so we could enjoy him. Umm, that sounds kind of morbid so moving right along. . .

So my roommate, Speak (yes this is a brand new nickname I came up for her so I don't always have to say one roommate and the other), and I went to the grocery store last night. They had a deal where you could get the turkey for $.08 a pound if you bought $25 in groceries. Don't worry--we more than doubled that amount, so we got the deal. I thought this was a pretty good deal but it wasn't until I called "The Expert" (a.k.a. my mom) to ask about baking the turkey that I realized just how great of a deal it was. Anyway, this turkey is huge (18.8 pounds), and I didn't realize how long it takes for a 20-pound bird to thaw. On the package around the turkey it says to let it thaw for 2-4 days! That would've been nice, but I'm not quite as well prepared as all that. I only decided on Wednesday that we were even going to have this dinner so I did the best I could under the circumstances.

I got up for church super early this morning (6:30 a.m.) so I could put Mr. Turkey in some cold water in the sink to continue thawing. I left him there all through church, and when I got home he'd made good progress. Speak helped me work on pulling out the turkey's innards, a task that was not terribly pleasant but still doable. She wanted to take pictures of this special occasion for "my posterity." I told her that was fine, but then she didn't end up doing it anyway, probably because I didn't give a strong enough reaction. . . . she's kind of a reactionary person so it makes sense really.

Anyway, our company is due to arrive in not very long so I'm going to close now. Plus, I'm such a wordy person that I always end up writing stinkin' long blog entries, so I'm hoping to curtail that just a bit. I'm also excited that I can in fact make a turkey, that it wasn't too big for the oven and that cooking bags expedite the process!!


Confuzzled said...

You're a reactionary person, too, you know. And I couldn't document you pulling the guts out of your first turkey for posterity precisely because I was assisting with said process.

tammyfaye22 said...

I know I'm reactionary too, and I very much appreciated your help cleaning out the turkey's innards. I guess you'll just have to find another occasion for taking pictures of me for my posterity.