Tuesday, November 11, 2008


And now it's time for a post that I hope to make a tradition on my blog: Kidspeak! I am the proud aunt of 11 nieces and nephews (with one more on the way) and they are the joy and delight of my life! Kids have the tendency to say some of the funniest things, in innocence of course. Today I got to spend the day with two of my nephews while their dad was at the hospital. I'm going to start with examples from two of them.

Zack, age 6, was frustrated when a key chain he wanted to buy had the wrong spelling of his name (Zachary instead of Zackary) so he said, "Mom why did you have to spell my name wrong?"

I wish I had a picture to post, but on the way back into Salt Lake, we were listening to a hip-hop song, and my nephew, Kasey, age 10, quite amused me. He started doing this ghetto hip-hop arms thing that was so funny that I couldn't stop laughing! Anybody who is my friend on Facebook will be able to see a video with those arms in it because I'm going to post it very soon.

My nephew, Taylor, age 9, was riding with me to my parents' house in Idaho a couple months ago. He and his sister rode with me so I didn't have to drive by myself. Taylor was great company and talked to me the entire two hour drive there and back. I was most amused by several things he had to say. For example, he noticed the "green light" which indicated I had cruise control on and remarked, "You have the green light on - that means your foot gets a rest."

As I was preparing to take the junction from I-84 to I-86, I realized I was going a little fast so I had to hit the brakes to slow me to a safer speed. I had been talking to Taylor and trailed off. He said, "Aunt Tammy, did you just get nervous?" I told him I wasn't nervous, just slowing down a little bit on the curve, and he answered, "I can always tell when my mom gets nervous when she drives." (You'd have to know my older sister to know why that's funny. She can be rather of a neurotic driver sometimes.)

My niece Katriel, age 6, asked what was taking me so long to get married. (This was soon after she had watched "Enchanted" though so I think she had that "We've been together one day and tomorrow it'll be two" convo in her head. Ahh, if only it was that simple in real life. . . )

A few months ago, Katriel was asking me when I was going to have a baby. I told her that I have to get married first and since I'm nowhere near that, pretty much it's going to be awhile, so she said, "Well, hurry up then!"

I went to the temple while visiting my sister in Boise a few months ago. Her kids woke up on Saturday (I was staying at their house) and wondered where I was. My sister told them I went to the temple and they asked why. She was explaining the importance of temple attendance until her 5-year-old son, Preston, piped up, "She went to get married!" Amused, my sister asked what had happened to my husband if I was getting married. Preston shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know." I wasn't there for this conversation, but I still thought it was cute!

I was visiting my older sister a couple weeks ago and a friend happened to call. It's very common for me to greet any female friends as "chica" which I did. My 3-year-old niece, Alyssa, turned to me after I hung up to ask who "chica" was. When I explained it was just a nickname, she was kind of like "oh" about it. Teasingly, I turned to her and said, "Hi, chica!" She looked at me and said, "I'm not chica, I'm Alyssa!"

I'm quite certain there are even more I could write here, but it's late, and I'm tired so my brain isn't working as well as it normally is. However, since I intend to make this a tradition, I'm sure that there will be more sometime in the near future.

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