Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life is worth laughing about!

For anybody who knows me well, you know that I am very much a giggler, prone to sudden and unexpected fits of laughter or laughing over seemingly small things. I refuse to believe this makes me silly; rather I decided that it just shows I have a great sense of humor and believe life should be experienced (as much as possible) with laughter and a smile. If that means I'm sometimes overly giggly, so be it.

Why am I choosing to talk about this, you may ask. Well, why do I choose to talk about any of the topics I address in this blog--it was on my mind, so here's me writing about it! Just kidding! Of course there's a reason. There's usually some sort of method to my madness, or in this case silliness!

Today I was quite busy at work trying to get a bunch of work done before I leave for the holiday tomorrow. I needed to be super productive and felt like I was only moderately productive, but I was trying desperately to work as efficiently as I could in spite of this. Well, my co-worker across the way, whom I will refer to as the Fashionista, decided at about 4:30 that she was done. We had been IMing off an on all day, which is typical (I promise we still work while we are doing it), so she decided since she was done that I should be done too. I tried to resist, I really did, but I sadly discovered that resistance with her is futile!

Earlier our co-worker down the way told us a gum wrapper myth (basically if you can pull the tin foil away from the paper without ripping it, that's your pathway to kissing. why or how this works I don't really know so I wasn't much inclined to do it. However, she's sort of dating someone, whom we refer to as Mr. Hot Lips, and they might be going out this weekend so she has more at stake than I do.) so she was working hard at that. We started giggling at various things and pretty soon we'd hit the rummy point so EVERYthing was funny.

Our co-worker came over because he wanted to help the Fashionista with her gum wrapper and then he joined in on the fun by starting to make a monkey noise, referring to my very cute and adorable giggle, meaning that I laugh like a monkey!! Of course I most certainly do not, but his teasing accomplished its purpose: both of us broke into fresh peals of laughter, despite the fact that he was mocking me! Every time he walked by for the rest of the afternoon, he had to make the monkey noise, which I suppose I could have been insulted about, but instead chose to find amusing. It just made me laugh harder, and I'm pretty much a fan of anything that makes me laugh, even sometimes when it's at my expense.

Even after he left (because he knew the Fashionista and I still hadn't made it out of the office yet), he couldn't let the joke die, so he called her phone, requested to be put on speaker phone and made the monkey noise again, which had the desired effect of more giggles.

I feel kind of silly even telling this story because, let's be honest, it was silly. However, I am a strong believer in the idea that life is much more desireable when you can laugh about it.

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jacolyn said...

Tammy you have got to be the cutest friend I know, and I love your laugh!