Friday, December 5, 2008

A breakthrough!

Okay so it's Friday night right now and I'm at home. I was thinking perhaps I might be at home alone, but such was not the case. Both my roommates are also home. I have to confess that I was a little bit sad because for whatever reason, I was thinking that alone time sounded nice today. However, it's fine. In fact, Stew and I and another good friend of ours were decorating the house tonight, and it was really fun! I love Christmas, and putting up Christmas lights is such a joy and a delight!

Now, on to the thought that spurred this blog post. I have delightful news: for the first time since I've lived with her, Stew actually spoke her mind about something!! (Please imagine the hallelujah chorus playing here, complete with a full symphony.) I haven't mentioned my name for her, but Stew is my other roommate. She is very passive aggressive and has this little cycle that is constantly going on where she thinks or feels something but instead of actually saying it to whomever it concerns, she tells the other roommate. Yes, this drives me completely insane! Sometimes even asking her outright doesn't work because she'll lie, especially if she thinks you're going to be upset with her.

Tonight I went to run errands after work. We've been talking about getting a Christmas tree but hadn't yet because we thought it would be expensive. However, I found a great deal on an artificial pre-lit one tonight. I was super tempted to buy it, but I decided I couldn't yet because I needed to consult my budget first. I mentioned something about this to Stew, wondering if we might want to go in together. She actually spoke her mind and told me no since she already has a tiny little tree. I don't even mind that she told me no because SHE SPOKE HER MIND directly to me!! Yeah!! This is a breakthrough. There is hope yet.

Okay, I realize this is kind of a catty entry but if you knew how frustrated I had been about this and how happy I am about that something finally changed, you would understand. Miracles do happen!!

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