Friday, December 12, 2008

Dave Ramsey would be so proud!

It's pretty late right now and truthfully I should be going to bed. However, I had an experience tonight that was perfect blog material so therefore I have to share it!!

Tonight my two nieces (ages 3 and 6) had their dance recital. I decided it would make a perfect weekend excursion to come see it, especially since I've only ever been to one of the older niece's dance recitals. I was hoping to leave work at 4:30 so I could head out and arrive in Logan, where my sister lives (which is an approximately 90 minutes from Salt Lake) in time for the event.

Of course things don't always turn out as you expect. First of all, I was held up at work so I didn't leave until after 5. I had a little mishap in which cough syrup spilled on my jeans, so I had to run back to my house (which I also wasn't planning to do) before I left, which also delayed me. I got onto the freeway around 5:40 and was making great time! Traffic was lighter than I expected, especially for a Friday afternoon. The problem came in that I wanted to make a quick stop at the Layton Hills Mall. I arrived in Layton around 6. I was debating if I had time to stop and figured I really didn't, but then the stupid part of my brain took over and decided I could do it really quickly so I should go ahead. However, this little stop provides the basis for my post, so perhaps it wasn't a total bust, even though I wasn't able to find what I was looking for.

I was so proud of myself. I parked by Macy's and walked into the store and booked it through the mall until I found the place I wanted to stop (which only took about 10 minutes). Once I had established that I couldn't get what I had come for, I made one more brief stop and then started heading back towards Macy's and my car so I could continue my little journey. Time was definitely of the essence, so I was hurrying as fast as I could (and I was proud of my speedy walk!)

My goal was in sight when this guy at one of those kiosks that are all around the mall came at me with a bottle of lotion in hand. Figuring a little lotion was surely harmless I let him put it on my hand. He starts explaining how it's some special lotion made from Dead Sea salt, or something to that effect. He proceeds to pick my hand up so he can examine my fingers and then offers to show me something pretty cool. I'm not really interested but since I'm too nice I end up letting him do it anyway. He takes the clear polish off the middle finger on my right hand then buffs it with this special buffer, explaining how I need to do it only once a month. Then he uses this other side to bring "the natural oils in my body" to the surface and suddenly my nail is nice and shiny, just as it is with the polish. He starts telling me about how this is superior to what I already had on my nail. I have to admit, it was neat, but the coolness factor was dimmed by the fact that I was so short on time!

He asks if I want to know more and I decline, so he brings out a set with the little buffer, a cuticle softener and lotion telling me it's only $49. Here's the part where Dave Ramsey would be so proud of me. I looked straight at him and told him, "No, I can't buy it because it's not in my budget."

For anyone who reads this and is unfamiliar with Dave Ramsey, he's this financial guru who was a real estate hotshot in the 80s who become a millionaire at a young age and when the economy and real estate market crashed, he basically lost everything and had to work his way back to the top. However, this time he did it without any debt, so he's now a multi-millionaire with zero debt. He teaches his formula for success as a 13-week course called Financial Peace University, which I just completed. I don't necessarily feel like I have implemented it as well as I should have, but tonight it sure came in handy!

The guy looks at me and says he's had a very successful day so he's going to give me a special deal: he'll sell it to me for the low price of $19. I still had no intention of buying it but found myself slightly interested anyway. He takes me over to his cash register so he can show me two receipts for $300 orders so I can see for myself how successful he's been and why he wants to sell it so cheaply. And this is the kicker that just about killed me. He says he will even throw in a plastic sack I can carry it in for free!! Like he doesn't give those to every person who buys his products anyway!! Jeez Louise! This is when my humor helped my common sense overcome what would have been an unnecessary impulse buy. I told him thanks for the offer but I really was in a hurry and had to go now. Boy-oh-boy did I ever feel powerful!! Not only did I use the budget line, which is true BTW, but I also saw firsthand how negotiating can work, like not letting yourself get too attached to something because it gives you more power to make a deal. I'll have to remember that for future reference. . .

I found the situation quite humorous and I was laughing about it the rest of my drive to Logan. Who knew I could be so good at saying no to someone?! I know quite a few people, including myself, who would be quite surprised to learn that.

As an end note, the recital was great! My little escapade made me quite late and then I went to the wrong building (not totally my fault because my sister didn't explain where I was going very well!), so I missed the girls' first two dances, but I did see their second ones!! Three-year-olds mostly stand up on the stage twirling, doing a few moves here and there with their teachers' help and look cute, but it's precious all the same. I was proud of the 6-year-old though. She's on a competitive team for the first time this year, and she did well! Okay, I think this post is quite long enough and I'm exhausted so I'm going to close now.

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Natalie said...

Oh I miss Logan -- and kudos for staying in your budget! I'm so glad you blog now!!