Monday, December 8, 2008

Whoops-a little TMI, I think

So I have been surprised at the response that I received about the posting I made last Friday entitled "A Breakthrough!" I felt good at the time I wrote it because I had a moment of actual honesty with my roommate, which can be difficult to do with her. I mean she's honest when I talk to her, but about what she really thinks, directness is not her strong point, which is frustrating. I realize this is something I struggle with too (perhaps part of the reason why it bothers me), but I'm working hard on it, especially in light of this situation.

However, as I've thought more about this post and three different people who mentioned it to me today, I'm beginning to think perhaps I shouldn't have written it. While I'm glad to know that people are reading this blog (that's what a blog is for after all), I still feel like I made a bit of a faux pas. I promised myself when I started my blog that it wasn't going to become my official forum for airing my dirty laundry for the world to see and this is part of the reason why.

One of my co-workers has an aunt who uses her blog for exactly that reason. She follows her children around with her cell phone camera, documenting the things they do or say, or in some cases didn't do when they said they would do it. Of course she calls them by name and has photos posted, and her one security measure is to change the spelling of the family's last name. I admit to being entertained at the things she writes and find myself wanting to read her blog just to see what she writes next, but at the same time I'm appalled and feel bad for her kids that things don't stay in the family in certain circumstances when they should.

While I don't think that I did anything to that extreme in this circumstance, in many ways I still feel like I crossed the line a bit. Plus, although Stew has expressed no interest in reading my blog or finding out the address, part of me is terrified that she will and then I'll be a bad roommate for talking about things like that when I shouldn't. She's very private and would be horrified if she knew what I said. That's a situation I would much rather avoid.

I realized last week that I struggle with a condition The Fashionista refers to as word vomit. It's when you either A) just let it all out when you really shouldn't or B) talk about things you shouldn't talk about. I think I'm a little too prone to do that, which I definitely don't like. It goes along with the whole "embellishing for dramatic effect" thing that I sometimes like to do. (Thanks to Gilmore Girls for supplying that phraseology!) I think I'm going to have to be more careful in the things I write in my blog. In the meantime, watch for more fun and random topics of things I choose to discuss here. I promise never to delve into trashiness level, although I may at times be shallow in my topic choice. Stay tuned!

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Angela and Roy Brown said...

I totally understand what you mean. I find myself having to be careful about what I write as well. It's so easy to write, and for me writing is a therapy so sometimes if I am really mad at Roy or someone I want to write about it on my blog.
Anyway I was going to give you my blog address if you wanted to read it, it is That is the one I write about the family on- you can access my other one, I have been freewriting- anyone it's on my family blog.