Saturday, January 17, 2009

Life Lessons

I have a few words of advice:

1) Don't assume anything. As Kathryn has reminded me many a time, you know what they say about assuming and what it turns you into. . .

2) Avoid jumping to conclusions. Don't let anger, misinformation or an assumption allow you to reach an inaccurate conclusion. Trust me, this only leads to grief, and it's no fun to deal with that!

3) Keep a cool head. It's really easy to fly off the handle, but it's much better if you're slow to anger and quick to apologize.

4) It's bad to keep things in, particularly anger, but it's much better if you can find an appropriate way, including time and place, to express what you're feeling. Speaking out when you're mad is one of the quickest and easiest ways to offend or hurt people.

5) Eating crow doesn't taste good! Before you express a passionate opinion about something, accuse someone of something or get in a debate with someone, make sure you have a strong base to stand on. Even then, avoid making it an "in your face" kind of thing. You never know when you might be wrong and will later have to eat it.

6) Above all, don't be afraid to apologize. Don't wait to say you're sorry either, especially when you find out you're wrong about something. I know certain people like to think they're never wrong, but I have to say that EVERYBODY is wrong sometimes! See item 5 for why this is bad.

I'm going to close by putting a link for a video of Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel singing "Defying Gravity" from Wicken. Originally I thought it tied in because of that part at the beginning where they talk about flying off the handle and saying sorry, but this video doesn't have that part. Oh well! I guess I could say that this is what happens if/when you decide you don't give a darn what anybody else thinks (and you could turn "wicked" like Elphaba does. Enjoy watching it anyway:

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Confuzzled said...

Oh come on. Being in-your-face can be fun sometimes. I mean, erm, you're so right about all of this . . . ;)