Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

On this day 26 years ago, I entered the world for the first time. I was born the fifth of six children. I came into a loving home that was only too happy to have one more daughter, well except my brother who cried when Mom brought home yet another sister, especially when they thought I was a boy while in the womb. (This was in the days before ultrasounds were common so it was a surprise every time. For some reason, I think it might've been my fast heartbeat, they thought I was a boy, so my brother was pumped to finally have the numbers even out just a little bit. He was disappointed, but four years later he got his wish when my younger brother was born.)

I was attempting to scan one of my baby pictures in so I could post it here so you could see just what a darling baby I was. However, I'm technologically impaired when it comes to scanners it seems, so it doesn't look like that's going to be a possibility. So sorry to disappoint! I also have a cute picture of my older siblings meeting me for the first time, and I would have loved to post that one as well. It's okay though. I guess that means you just get to use your imagination.

Anybody who knows me well knows that I LOVE to make a big deal out of my birthday. I like to make sure and tell people just what day it is, so they know to wish me happy birthday, I love to have a big birthday party so I can gather those who mean so much to me around at the same time and I love being made to feel special for at least one day a year. As I mentioned to some friends earlier when talking about my birthday, this is the one time of year that I celebrate me! That can't be such a bad thing can it? I am fabulous after all! (Here's me channeling Speak once again. . .)

I am going to get a little mushy-gushy here for a minute, so bear with me. I just want to say that I have some of the most wonderful family and friends ever! I have great siblings who do nice things for me, my parents are always doing something kind and my friends are wonderful too. Speak has been adamant today that I am NOT to do anything. She says I'm the queen and queens don't have to do things, so she has made both a cheesecake and what I'm sure will be a tasty supper for me and cleaned everything up. Plus, along with our good friend Smirk (don't worry--she won't be offended by that nickname because she came up with it herself!) she gave me a wonderful Gilmore-themed present that I took great delight in. We had a birthday party at our house last night, and I confess that I was very surprised at the number of people who brought a little something for me, which I definitely didn't expect.

Thanks to everyone who even took the time to wish me happy birthday. It means a lot! I'm off to continue celebrating my favorite day of the year (well aside from a few other favorites like Christmas, the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and now that I work at the bank so I get ALL national holidays off, Columbus and Veteran's days. . . :)

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