Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two happy somethings

Okay my dear blog readers, I'm sorry about the sad entry last night. I was having quite a struggle yesterday. I'm doing better today though, and as sad as that entry was, it sure made me feel better, so thanks for bearing with me.

Tonight I want to write something a little more positive. I have two happy somethings to report. First of all, I am so excited to tell you that I'm now in my fourth week (counting the week after Christmas) of exercising at least three times a week. This might not seem like such a significant accomplishment, but I'm pretty proud of it. I've struggled so much with getting regular exercise that it's a big deal for me. I often have to fight for this time because it's amazing how many other things threaten to take it. But, it's the things we fight for in life that are the most meaningful anyway, right?

This isn't my second happiness, but it ties into the first one, so I'm still going to report it. I've been searching for something to use as a coping mechanism to help me through this, and exercise is definitely a part of that. Anyway, in the last few months or so I've had a strong desire to try running. Keep in mind that running is something I've always hated, but just this once I wanted to try it. My dear Smirk found a program online a few months ago that involves progressively increasing the amount of running you do, intermixed with walking. This week I'm now up to 16 minutes of running. I'm not a fast runner by any means, but I am proud of reaching this milestone. I'm pretty sure I'm not headed to track stardom anytime soon, but for now I'm enjoying the challenge.

I'm only going to talk about my second happy something in general terms. Please be understanding of this and know I do it for a reason. I'm happy to report that harmony has been restored to an important area of my life. I've been troubled by this particular concern for several months but wasn't sure how to go about fixing it. Now I know for sure and feel I'm making progress. Happy day!

Basically, even though things are hard right now, there are also good things happening. I'm trying to focus on those and use them to battle my sadness as much as I can. I think it's helping though.

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Andersons said...

Running? You ARE brave. I hate running, and it seems like I get a side ache everytime I try. Definatley an accomplishment!