Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Writing just because

I've been feeling like I need to write something in my blog sometime in the last week, but I don't really have anything terribly exciting to say. I might feel the need because my last entry was such a downer (sorry but I really was disappointed) or just because I hate going too long without writing. But here I am writing even without much to say.

I guess I could talk about Idol and how I'm soooo ready for Hollywood week to just be over already. They over dramatize and drag it out to the max and by the time all of that is done, I'm just ready for them to start the singing competition already. Hallelujah that tomorrow is the last night of Hell Week, as it's so fondly called.

I do think that Ellen has done well thus far. She's kept the one liners to a minimum or used them at appropriate times, and she has made it about the contestants. I actually think she's a better judge than both Kara and Randy to be quite honest. She is honest but less brutal than Simon, which is often a refreshing change. I'm already seeing some favorites emerge from this crop of singers, and I'm interested so see how they do as the competition really gets underway. Hmmm

The other subject I can talk about is the Olympics! I love watching the Olympics. I would say I love all the events, but the truth is that I don't love all events equally. I did enjoy the moguls and I like speed skating, but figure skating is my top choice. Speak, Smirk and I just got finished watching the mens short program. We saw some pretty awesome skaters, and it'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out on Thursday. Usually we don't have very strong talent in men's figure skating, but this year there are a couple standouts.

I feel terrible for Jeremy Abbott whose Olympic debut was less than ideal. I think he ended up in 14th place, mostly because he missed his jumps. The judges are apparently harsher with men's skating than with pairs because there were a number of pairs skaters who biffed it or missed their jumps and they still got higher scores than what I thought they deserved. Oh well. I'm hardly a skating expert so I should just chill. But it still seems awfully suspicious. . .

In any case, I sure do enjoy watching the Olympic events. It's getting late now so I'd probably better go. I'll write more later.

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