Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blast from the Past!

I feel like such a little kid right now! And I'm just a tiny bit obsessed, but in a minute you can see why.

When I was little, in the 4 to 5 range, I had a favorite cartoon that came on Nickelodeon every day. It was called "The Mysterious Cities of Gold." It's about the adventures of three children--Esteban, Zia and Tow--along with Mendoza, Pedro and Sancho who are searching the New World for the Cities of Gold. Esteban and Zia have these mysterious medallions that seem to be clues to the city. They also end up having some pretty cool tools like Tow's ship, the Solaris or the Golden Condor. Mendoza, Pedro and Sancho are all about the gold, but the children are interested in learning about each new place they visit.

Anyway, I've been wanting whoever owns the rights to release it on DVD for ages, but alas, I haven't ever seen it. Until last week.

I had to search for another old 60s sea adventure series for a script I was writing for work, so I decided to search for the Cities of Gold just to check and see. Guess what I discovered?! Yup, it was released on DVD in May 2009!!! Of course I decided that I NEEDED it immediately, even though, let's be honest, I really didn't. was a little too expensive, so I checked Alas, it didn't have the series at all so I looked on eBay. Success!

I still felt like I didn't have the means to get the series but just for fun I bid on it. And I won!! Yeah, I'm pretty much Price-is-Right-excited about it, in case you can't tell. :) I'm almost afraid to tell people about this because I know it's a cheesy 80s cartoon, but I really am excited about it. It's the type of thing where something is special and exciting to you, and you want everyone else to be excited about it too but are afraid they won't. It's not that big a deal if none of my readers like it because I sure do.

On Saturday I was thinking about the theme song and just wanted to hear it so I was planning to check on YouTube to see if I could find it. Instead, I ended up visiting hulu and discovered it has the entire series on it!! Too bad I didn't know that before, but it's okay. I'm pretty excited to own this series anyway. If you find yourself the least bit curious about what I'm so excited about, you should check it out for yourself. Here's the link to the series on hulu.

I forgot to mention that not only is the series great fun, but it's also educational. At the end of every episode, they have a five-minute section that talks about the historical context of what the episode dealt with or some of the culture during the time period. It's great!

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gag01001 said...

After our phone conversation, I checked out Hulu and watched the first two episodes. I would have loved that show as a kid. But now? Not so much. I felt the same way when I watched a couple episodes of He-Man when Hulu posted them.