Monday, March 22, 2010

Still the cool aunt :)

Okay, so I think it's more than time for me to finally post in my blog again. Plus, every time I read that last entry (or the one two entries before that) it makes me sad, so I wanted to write something more positive. And since I'm me, that positive comes complete with pictures.

I'm happy to report that while I still have many sad days or see things that remind me of our beautiful angel which also make me sad, that I am dealing as best I can. I was delighted to realize this weekend that despite everything going on, I can still be the cool aunt. This may not seem like such an important accomplishment or something to be celebrated, but it's significant for me.

This past weekend I went to my sister's house because my parents were going to be in town. Of course it turned into a big party with all of us there. Okay, really it didn't, but we did have a fabulous time. On Friday night my mom and sister were very busy cooking and discovered a few key supplies missing. I was also beyond grossed out watching my nephew eat his breadsticks with ketchup because there was no pizza sauce, so I decided I had to help him out.

With so many "critters (as my sister calls her children)" running around (we were watching a few of my sister's best friend's children as well), it seemed senseless to go by myself. So I rounded up some girls to go with me. I felt so special that not only were they really excited to go with me but we jammed all the way to and from the store, which was pretty darn cool. :)

In any case, here are a few photographs to also document my cool auntness. :)

Cool aunts are never afraid to take cute pictures like this

or this

Cool aunts are willing to play with the children, which may include jumping on the trampoline.

They also might get to play beauty parlor at the girls' request and come up with darling hairstyles like this.

Goodness knows this cool aunt is athletically challenged but she'll still do her best to play a game of volleyball (with a huge ball no less) with the children.

I was thinking I put one more picture but I guess not. Oh well! I hope you've enjoyed this episode of Tammy's journeys, through pictures of course.


gag01001 said...

No doubt you are the coolest aunt around.

Connie said...

Yes! I concur! Tammy is the coolest aunt around!! (0: