Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday recap

Sorry about my last post — I was extremely frustrated and somewhat at my wit’s end, but I’m feeling so much better. Now it’s time to give a recap of my birthday!!!

My birthday this year was a great mix of friends and family spread out over the month of February. It was a luxury to be able to celebrate with all my siblings since I don’t usually get to do so, but since I took the trip to Idaho for work, I was able to see everyone in my immediate family in only a week! That’s no small feat considering that we’re spread throughout Idaho and Utah. And since it was soon going to be my birthday, they all wanted to celebrate with me.

It started in Boise with my older sister and her family. We went out to dinner at TGI Fridays while I stayed at their house during the first part of my Idaho tripl.


My next celebration was with my two sisters and their families in Logan.I originally thought I might be able to go back last weekend, but it didn’t work out as I had intended, so it was good we did celebrate while I was there.



Even Panther wants to help me celebrate. How cute! Or he could just be interested in playing with the string. That’s possible too. Smile


The next part of my birthday celebration took place at my aunt’s house the night before my birthday. It was lovely with dinner and some White Collar. Nothing like an attractive and charismatic criminal to help celebrate my birthday. Yummy! I forgot my camera that night so, alas, I don’t have any pictures. My dear aunt and cousins do such a great job of looking after and taking care of me. Thanks to them for helping make my special day great since my own family couldn’t be here.

My actual birthday was wonderful! I took the day off work, went to the gym in the morning, had a mani/pedi of which I just realized I have no pictures. Then I went out to lunch and to Park City my my dear friend and her two darling children. Here are a couple pictures of my birthday buddies.

A is entertaining herself in the Croc outlet store in Park City. Next to her is her darling baby brother.



We got just a little carried away in Park City so I had to rush home for the party, but it turned out to be okay. It was a small gathering but still great. I have such wonderful friends in my life! I also have a wonderful family whom I love with all my heart. I talked to almost all my siblings on that day as well.

In case you’re wondering, yes part of the cake was already gone, but it’s because we’d used it for the family party the night before. My aunt offered to make another one for me, but I didn’t really see a need. A helped blow out my candles.


My awesome friends!


See, my special day was wonderful!! Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate!

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