Friday, February 18, 2011

I think I’m in love. . .

Some of you may be very excited about the title of this post. That could be because you’ve been waiting months or even years for me to admit this.

Well, don’t get your hopes too high because it’s probably not what you think. In fact, I’m sure it’s not. The pictures below will show you why.

Over Thanksgiving I was introduced to two of the nicest cats I’ve ever met in my life. They are so sweet and loving. They LOVE to be petted and held and they’re still technically kittens so they love to play too. The saddest part of this whole situation? Their owners don’t bother to take care of them!

So, my sister being the kind nurturing soul she is has basically adopted them. And she discovered others in her neighborhood have also fed them. When it was so cold over Thanksgiving we made them a cozy little kitty house to keep them warm during the cold snap. They slept in it all night. I know because I checked. I just couldn’t help myself.

Now every time I visit my sisters, I’m also super excited to visit Panther and Snowbell as well. If I was allowed to (and it wasn’t technically stealing) I’d adopt these cats in a heartbeat. I’m still holding out hope my parents might get to adopt them.

See for yourself why I’ve fallen in love with these sweet kitties. They LOVE, and I do mean LOVE, to be held and cuddled. How in the world could you not love those cute little faces?! And, BTW, Panther totally climbed up on my neck like that all by himself. He knows where the warm spot is.



Any kitty who will  tolerate being mauled by very loving little girls is well worth your time. Bumblebee and the Diva both love Snowbell and Panther.


I discovered last weekend while I was visiting that Panther has been well fed — and he’s starting to show it. But his fur is so long that he just lookp poufy. A good brushing would probably help him, but my sister said her husband wouldn’t be so keen on her spending any more money on these kitties, especially since they already have two dogs to take care of. Oh well!


Now do you see why I can’t resist these cats?

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A Bakers Bod said...

oh hoe cute! i love the white one..i hope you check out my blog sometime too:)