Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thank goodness for good Samaritans (and uncles too)

Today was my first stake conference since I moved. I meant to go to the adult session last night but felt icky so I didn’t make it. I still felt a little bit sick this morning but was determined to go in spite of that.

Of course it snowed this morning so I had to clean off my car and was a little distracted by that. I was driving and not only heard a funny noise but it felt weird too. I had a strong feeling my tire was flat, and as soon as I stopped to check, I found out I was right. Luckily I wasn’t too far from home so I carefully made my way back, but now I had a big problem. How in the world was I going to get to church?

I called a couple friends from my ward who live in the same area, but neither of them answered their phone. I was making my way slowly back to the house when I spotted my next door neighbors all dressed up in their Sunday clothes and I guessed they might be heading to the same place as I was.

Without ever having met them, I asked if I could have a ride to church, mentioning about the flat. They’re a nice couple with a young baby, and they agreed I could ride with them. Congratulations — I’ve now met my neighbors! I am very grateful though because otherwise I wouldn’t have made it to stake conference.

When I walked in I saw a girl from my ward, so I sat down next to her. We both enjoyed watching the cute kids in front of us throughout the session, and then she gave me a ride home, which I very much appreciated.

I’m blessed to have family nearby, so after I got home, I talked with my cousin about seeing if her dad could help me change my tire. He came over, and we went to work, only to discover another problem: my trunk has an inch and a half of standing water in it. Yikes! Yeah, looks like I know what I’m going to be doing tomorrow.

We had just finished putting the donut on when this guy walked around the corner. He told us he has an air compressor and the stuff to patch my tire and offered to fix it for us. Okay, that works for me. SmileHe patched the tire only to discover a second more serious problem that he couldn’t fix. Dang it! But, it’s good that I’m off work tomorrow so I can take care of this problem.

I’m just grateful for my uncle and the other good Samaritans who made a difficult situation easier for me.

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