Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adventures on TRAX

I've officially been riding the train to work for a little over six months now. Since I'd heard lots of stories from others who are regular TRAX riders I half expected to have gathered quite a collection of them. Since I ride during the commuter times most of my fellow passengers are businesspeople, so for the most part I haven't had too many interesting stories. . . until the last couple of weeks.

Last Friday I was on my way home. When I don't care to be bothered, I usually put my iPod in, and people leave me alone. I think we were about at 1300 South when these two girls got on with a guitar. I hate to be stereotypical, but they looked like the folksy-type people who would enjoy playing the guitar.

I was surprised when they took a seat on the floor. It's true there wasn't a lot of space, but I'm guessing they could've found a place. It was even more interesting when they pulled out the guitar and started having a mini concert right there on the train. Skeptical Tammy (who's been to New York and seen as much) half expected them to ask for money, but such was not the case. Instead, they seemed to be singing just for the sake of singing.

At first I left my iPod in and tried to tune them out, but then I decided I'd rather listen because they sounded good together. I talked to them a little bit and listened until they got off at the same stop as me. But the funniest part of the story wasn't the guitar players but the other girl in that section of the train. She apparently decided since these girls weren't afraid to sing in public, neither should she be. As I walked toward my car, I was being serenaded to her rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." I'm not a singer myself, but she wasn't either, so I didn't necessarily think it was wise on her part.

The next experience happened just this week. I'd been working from home that morning so I was taking the train at a different time than normal. Again, I had my iPod in and was minding my own business. I was only two stops away from work when this older gentleman with a walker got on the train. If there hadn't been a seat, I would've given mine up, but as it was, there was no need. What I didn't expect was for him to take up a conversation with me.

It seemed innocent enough. . . until he started telling me all these things about me were beautiful, from my shades (I keep them on to look less approachable, but it doesn't always work) to my ring to my appearance. That made me feel slightly uncomfortable even if I felt like he was mostly harmless. I was almost at my stop when he held out his hand to introduce himself, I reached mine out and instead of shaking it, he kissed it. Yeah, even more uncomfortable. Sweet, but slightly weird too. I was glad for my stop.

This entry is already very long, but I have one more quick thing to share, but it involves me narrowly avoiding a face plant off TRAX, so I hope it's worthwhile to keep reading. I was wearing heels (luckily not my hooker heels or I would've been in serious trouble!) and I tripped over the hem of my pants. Since I was holding the rail, I caught myself before I could fall, but it was close though!

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