Monday, March 21, 2011


On Saturday night I realized late in the evening that I might need a last-minute item from the store. I loaded myself up into the car and raced down the freeway to Kohl's to check the situation out. It turned out that I chose not to buy the item I'd gone to see because it was too expensive, but I did a little looking whilist I was there.

I've been feeling the need for new sheets in the last little while, so I decided to quickly check the selection. And I found the most luxurious set of 600 count sateen sheets, and I thought I'd found exactly the set for me, whenever such time comes that I choose to buy said sheets. . . until I realized something very important.

The sheets don't come in twin size.

They come in full/queen or queen/king but no twin anywhere to be found. Ugh! I felt very discriminated against as a single person who chooses to keep a twin bed instead of upgrading to a queen. They had another version of the sheets that does come in twin, but they were not as high thread count as the other ones. And, really, it's the principle of the thing. This isn't the first time I've found that set of sheets in every size but twin either, which only added to my frustration.

Come on stores, even if I don't have a queen bed I still like nice sheets, so stock them in ALL sizes please!

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