Monday, March 7, 2011

Remembering Ashley

As I mentioned in my previous post, last week was the one year anniversary of my beautiful niece’s passing. As part of that day, my sister and her husband (this niece’s parents) came down here for a day to do some of her favorite activities to help us remember her and celebrate her life. I think it was nice to be able to do so and would like to share pictures of that day.

One of the things I was excited about in having my sister’s family visit was to show them my new home. And they liked it too! We planned to go to the aquarium right when it opened, only to discover that wasn’t until 11 a.m. So, we took the boys to the mall so they could get out some of that energy.



After our little jaunt to the mall, we hit the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. We came not a moment too soon as it gets busy pretty much as soon as it opens. Here’s a few highlights.

This is Kimball by the toads if I’m not mistaken and then Dennis driving pretend boat out on the Great Salt Lake. Notice the position of his hat. Yes, this is one cool kid. Smile


Call me narcissistic if you will, but I do like pictures of myself at these family events to prove I was there. Here’s me with Kimball and there’s Eugene by the lionfish. Did you know they’re actually poisonous to humans and can really harm you?


Dennis was fascinated by the stingrays. He probably spent 20 minutes just standing there touching them as they swam past.


Next we went to South America. I didn’t take pictures of all the critters because frankly some of them are just plain creepy. But I LOVED the penguins! I’m hoping I can upload my video of them jumping in and out of the water. So cute!



Finally, we ate lunch at Chuck-a-rama because that was Miss Ashley’s favorite.


Sad day! I just discovered that I can’t upload the video because,alas I don’t have a YouTube account, and my Internet is being super slow so I can’t get one either. Oh well! Perhaps I’ll post that separately.

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