Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shoe Snob!

Like many women, I’ve always appreciated a good pair of shoes. Until I lived with the Bibliophile, I used to think I had a lot of shoes, but then I discovered differently. Although I have a nice collection, I’ve never truly felt a lack . . . until recently.

I first heard about DSW from the Fashionista, and I visited it for the first time last May. But I didn’t buy my first pair of shoes there until about six weeks ago. And now I’m ruined forever!

I don’t mean I’m only going to buy shoes from DSW; on the contrary I’ll look for them wherever I can find them. But I am ruined by the fact that I now love extremely tall heels. And I had no idea how much people notice shoes until I wore my hot heels and received many compliments on them. Now I desire more and more. . .

Once upon a time, heels like this would have delighted me.



Now I’m ruined forever because I’m officially in love with shoes like this, or hooker heels as my brother-in-law called them because they’re so tall.


And in case you’re wondering, yes I did have to learn to walk in these, but I’m doing very well so far. SmileOh and I forgot to mention how much fun it is to be taller than someone for once in my life. I’ve never experienced that before, and I find I enjoy it.


Julie said...

Tall heels are great. I'm glad you've been introduced to their greatness. Long distances are tough in shoes like that though.

Kyle and Lacey said...

YOU GO GIRL!! :) I love it!