Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just a boy and his hound dog

Once upon a time there was a darling dog who found a happy home with two owners who loved her very much. Dot, a beagle puppy, was happy in her new home, with plenty of things to sniff, a nice yard to run around in and a fence she learned to jump in order to greet her owners personally when they got home. (This problem was fixed shortly after her owners discovered it.)

Like most puppies, she had plenty of energy, much of which she used to chew things up. But all she had to do to fix it was look at her owners with those liquid brown eyes, tilting her head to the side, and all was forgiven.


Although Dot loved her owners, her favorite thing in the world was when their grandchildren came to visit, any of the 12. She LOVED running around with them and how excited they always were to see her, especially one named Starshine.

Being that both were ADHD, Starshine and Dog understood one another. She enjoyed play time with this energetic grandson and followed him around the house.


Even with her boundless puppy energy, after a day of playing with Starshine, Dot would get worn out at night. That’s when cute things like this happened.


And although Dot was sad to see Starshine leave her house earlier today, She was also a little relieved to rest so she could regain her energy.


Then she lay dreaming of all the fun she’d have when Starshine came to visit again. Just a boy and his hound dog.

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